Free Certi-Fire Training Tuition

Professional training and certification approved by the Ontario Fire Marshal

This limited-time offer of FREE Certi-Fire Training Tuition is open to IBEW Members and individuals who are 309A licensed electricians, or minimum 3rd term apprentices with intermediate trade school, and is supported by ECAO and IBEW CCO, sponsored by Employment Ontario. Take advantage of the opportunity to grow your skills and complete your certification by distance learning while space is still available!

Course Overview

The Certi-Fire program has four levels of training and a recertification is mandatory every five years to stay current. The offer of free tuition allows those who have already completed one of the 4 Levels to progress to the next, and is open to those interested in getting started at Level 1, as well as those who are about to renew their credentials.

  1. Level 1: Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels and Installation of Input and Output Devices
  2. Level 2: Integrated Fire Alarm Control EVAC Systems and Fire Alarm Extinguishing Control Panels
  3. Level 3: Troubleshooting of Complete Fire Alarm Systems
  4. Level 4: Advanced Fire Alarm Control Panel: Addressable Digital and Analog Devices
  5. Level 5 (Recertification): Update Codes, Standards and Technology

Each level, except Level 5, is a mix of virtual classroom and hands-on shop times, equal to about 40 hours (160 hours to complete all 4 levels). Training is conducted by experts in the field of fire alarm installation and maintenance. Hands-on shop dates and location will be determined by the geographic area of participants.

Certi-Fire Training Benefits


  • Protect people and property and provide peace of mind protection
  • Increase your skills and career opportunities in the fire alarm sector
  • Be equipped to address property management fire alarm concerns
  • Have a designation recognized by the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office
  • Receive a wallet-sized photo ID and a certificate upon successful completion of Level 4


  • Take on more fire alarm system projects
  • Build a team capable to perform installation, testing, verification and maintenance of fire alarm systems
  • Ensure your team is up to date on fire alarm technology, regulations and best practices
  • Offer clients comprehensive and certified fire alarm system support
  • Invest in your team’s professional development without involvement with a third-party company

Upcoming Courses

Summer 2021 courses will be scheduled for July and August – details to come.

Fall 2021 courses will be scheduled for September and October – details to come.

Spring 2022 courses will be scheduled for January and February – details to come.

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2021 Auditor’s Report

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2021 Auditor’s Report

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will the offer of free tuition end?

A: The offer of free tuition ends on December 31, 2021 or until all of the available seats are filled – whichever comes first!

Q: What is the value of the free tuition?

A: Here are the usual fees for each training level:

  • Level 1: $800.00
  • Level 2: $800.00
  • Level 3: $825.00
  • Level 4: $830.00
  • Level 5: $630.00

As of 2021, the above costs include the course manual, plus HST. We reserve the right to change the fees at any time without notice.

Q: What happens when this free tuition program ends?

A: The Certi-Fire program will continue after the free tuition offer ends however, customary program fees will then apply. For IBEW Members, they can continue the courses with their Local Unions, at no cost.

Q: Is the program delivered virtually? What about when restrictions lift?

A: All levels are delivered virtually. This free tuition program is exclusive for those who would like to take the courses through the distance learning format.

Q: What if I don’t have access to a computer?

A: For those without computer access, you can also call in to the number that will be provided by the instructor and listen to the lessons, following along in the course manual. For quizzes and the exams however, you must have internet access and complete the testing material by computer.

Q: Who is able to register for the free tuition offer?

A: Those who are 309A licensed electricians in good standing or minimum 3rd year electrical apprentices who have completed intermediate trade training.

Q: What happens after I submit my application?

A: The Certi-Fire Program Administrator will contact you about the course start date and other related matters.

Q: Are there program prerequisites?

A: The specific prerequisites for each level of the program are as follows:

  • Level 1 – third term apprentice with intermediate trades school minimum
  • Level 2 – successful completion of Level 1
  • Level 3 – successful completion of Level 2 and a Certification of Qualification (special conditions may apply with approval of the Certi-Fire Program Administrator)
  • Level 4 – successful completion of Level 3
  • Level 5 (Recertification) – successful completion of Level 4 or Recertification course

Q: Can I register now but attend the course later?

A: No, this free tuition program is on a first-come-first served basis and the registration must be made within the promotional period. Once you register, you have to attend the current course.

Q: Can I register all 4 levels (Levels 1 to 4) at the same time in order to be entitled to free tuition?

A: No, you can only register one level at a time. Once you complete and pass the level successfully, you can register and progress to the next level. However, the free tuition will be offered only if the seats are still available by the time you register for the next level.

Program Sponsors

Certi-Fire is supported by the Joint Electrical Promotion Plan (JEPP), which is managed and funded by the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario (ECAO) together with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Construction Council of Ontario (IBEW CCO). This training is being sponsored under the Provincial Skills Development Fund.

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Register for Free Certi-Fire Training Tuition

Choose one of the following options:

  1. Complete and submit this registration form
  2. Download this registration form: Click here to download form (opens in new tab)
    Mail to: ECAO, 702-10 Carlson Court, Toronto, ON M9W 6L2
    Fax to: 416.519.6191
  3. Contact Program Administrator Phyllis Lee to register at 416.675.3226 ext. 8509 /

For more information please reach out to Phyllis Lee, Certi-Fire Program Administrator:

t: 416.675.3226 ext. 8509